Ragnarok Online Private Servers

Kagerou class pking in existencero

A picture of Kagerou class killing a sura class in existencero

If you  have never heard the term Ragnarok Online private server you might not know what it is. Basicly a Ragnarok Online private server is a free online game of the game Ragnarok Online. Usually it contains many custom aspects that cannot be found within the normal Ragnarok Online official servers. A private server is run by a fan of the Ragnarok Online game and is always hosted seperate from the official servers. Depending on the skill of the owner of the Ragnarok Online private server the server will either be high quality meaning they spend a lot of time and money working on it to try and make it the best Ragnarok experience for their users or it can be very poor quality if the user has no skill in managing a server or is trying to host it on a personal computer without a real server or team of staff.

An example of a Ragnarok Online private server which has done a very good job working on their server and trying to provide the best experience is that of ExistenceRO. The staff is very experienced in running Ragnarok Online private servers and has done a really nice job with the current server that they are running. It provides an older style Pking system that could be found in some of the earlier style mmorpg’s. The style of pvp allows users to enjoy pvp with each other but prevents the abuse of pvp by placing restrictions if you get caught by another player with the chance of dropping some of the equipped items. I feel that many games are afraide to do this kind of system in more modern mmorpg’s like for example Tera Online  has no restrictions after someone has infamy they can just continue to kill people with no reward for killing other people and no pentalties for getting caught other then breaking a crystal which is a very cheap loss. While ExistenceRO doesn’t place harsh debuffs on a PKer the pentalty of possibly losing an item keeps law and order and allows the lucky player that killed the person a chance to reap a reward. At the same time a Pker gets rewarded with experience and  a percentage of the current money a player has on them allowing them a way to benefit.

I heard that the developers of ExistenceRO plan to expand the pvp system to include more bonus’s to Pker’s and also have a bounty system and ranking ladder. The only negitive of the server is that the population still needs to grow because they have only recently opened.  Once they overcome this I believe that the server will end up as one of the best Ragnarok Online private servers on the net expecially since there is not many other PK style games anymore and with ragnarok servers there is even less pvp servers. Ragnarok is still a very popular mmorpg and with the new navigation system which I was able to see first hand in ExistenceRO I was clearly impressed. It was able to renew some of my enjoyment of the game after playing newer mmorpg’s because now if you choose to use the navigation system you have a guide similar to google earth that works like a GPS in game.

Ragnarok Online has changed quite a lot over the years and some of the Ragnarok Online private servers changed with it switching from the old Ragnarok we remember to whats known as renewal. Renewal is a complete overhaul of everything in Ragnarok making the game similar to newer mmorpg’s in which you level up with monsters that are your own level from 1 to max level. It makes Ragnarok similar to many newer mmorpg’s so I feel it might actually be popular with some of the younger generation if you can get over the fact the game is not max graphics. One of the popular things is that the game does not require extreme graphics and works like a better version of the facebook browser games that everyone loves. It has lower bandwith requirements and can be used as a social game not just as a mmorpg.

If you have not tried Ragnarok Online you might want to check out the game and while your at it you should also check out ExistenceRO because this server has so many possiblities to be one of the best Ragnarok Online private servers. The staff would love to have you and will make your Ragnarok Online experience a really good one. They did that for me and I always thought I would not ever come back to the game. But I was clearly impressed by ExistenceRO.